Frank's Aloe vera, Magnesium and MSM gel recipe


1 cup of Aloe Vera gel

1 cup of Magnesium chloride flakes (or Mg chloride oil)

1/2 cup of MSM powder (or open capsules, crush tabs to measure)


Mixing container

Mixing implement (I use a soft rubber spatula)

Application implement

(Frank uses a foam paint brush, I use the rubber spatula,

 someone else uses a basting brush)

Covered storage container (I use the mixing container)


Place the Aloe vera gel in a container (I use a small food storage container)

Add the Magnesium chloride, stir to dissolve

Add the MSM powder, stir to dissolve

It is now ready to use

To Use:

Apply liberally to whatever skin is available, more to sore spots.